How I Work

I provide behavioral therapy designed to help men and women overcome a range of sexual issues, from social/sexual shyness to erectile dysfunction. Through proven methods and techniques, such as mindfulness training, sensation focus touch and psychodynamic interaction, I aide my patients in overcoming the issues that prohibit them from leading full sexual lives and guide them in discovering the joy of being more at home in their bodies.

Through my past experience as a surrogate partner therapist trained in the Masters and Johnson method and my years as an intimacy behavioral therapist, I’ve developed a holistic, twelve-week surrogate partner program that is the main focus of my practice. Through the program, I can work directly with you one-on-one or as part of a co-therapy team in conjunction with a therapist or doctor. I also provide consultations and referrals for those who cannot meet with me in-person and lead workshops on intimacy. The purpose of all my work is to help people establish a united mind/body connection that enables their authentic selves to emerge.

With all my patients, I begin by establishing trust and building rapport that lessens anxiety. This is a gradual and integrative process that is both structured and in the moment; I gauge the appropriate pace based on the person’s specific needs. From there, I employ a variety of skills that teach new behaviors, replacing old “default” tendencies through practical, physical application, coaching, and education.